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Do you need an interior designer?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Is an interior designer needed or is it a waste of money?

In this post, I will share my thoughts on this topic. We would be extremely grateful if you share your experience in the comments.

In our experience, most of the interior design choices are made by women. Men are usually worried about the cost of the project. The wife wants to turn to a professional, but it’s hard for a man to understand why he needs to overpay money when he himself knows everything better than anyone. But it is much more important for men that their wives are happy, therefore, if the budget allows, then the choice of products or designer remains with the woman.

Is an interior designer needed? The answer to this question is individual in each case. A large number of people have the finest taste, which can be compared with a highly professional designer. In my personal opinion, a professional interior designer should not only have a sense of beauty, but also know a large number of solutions for each task. To make it clear, I will give an example from a field well known to me. I mean a decoration of the window space. The client may not realize how many different types of curtains and blinds there are. Almost every month we receive information from manufacturers about new products. The world is so dynamic and tempting that even specialists working in a narrow area do not have time to receive and take note of new information. Even sites do not have time to update to present the full range of products. Usually the client has neither the time nor the desire to go into detail on every issue. As a result, we go to a large and popular store, which presents a very narrow range of products, which are often not of high quality and beauty, and even for a disproportionately large amount of money. Question: Did you save money?

Question: Did you really get the desired result?

I hope so, but the reality is often the opposite.

One of the most difficult tasks is to find a professional partner. A professional interior designer will help you make a choice not only of design, but also help with choosing a supplier of interior goods and with those who can competently provide service services, for example, installation or painting walls. On our website we have added a page with our trusted partners. Interior designers are also listed.

Choosing a professional designer can allow you to get the interior of your home that you really want and save your time.

Finally, we would like to thank our permanent partner, , who allows us to take part in very interesting projects. We wish Christina prosperity, creative success, and many new interesting joint projects.

The attached photos are from one of the joint projects with a professional interior designer for Airbnb customer.

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