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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Custom blinds and curtains

Custom products series

This series will describe custom design products we sell in our store. The first product will be Custom Roller Blids. Roller Blinds can be manual or motorised. This is the elegant and functional decision for your home. We offer more than 250 fabrics to choose to create your individual products.

Motorised Roller blinds

Motorised Roller blinds can be managed with remotes or smart phone applications. They easy and comfortable to use. Manual Roller blinds can be manged with a chain or simply with your hands.


1. Plain blackout roller blind fabric for motorized roller blind system employs electric motor constructed with a rechargeable battery as motive force.

2. One battery charge lasts up to 6 months.

3. Blinds are managed with a remote (one or multiple channels) or a smart phone application.

4. A remote of the motorized roller blind can drive several blinds.

Motorized roller blind with plain blackout roller blind fabric is an upgrade product from manual roller blind for its quiet operation, convenient adjustment and strong driving power.

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