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We provide our clients with all services they may need to buy and install customised products created with our studio.

We provide our clients with a free consultation about the products. During the consultation you can receive an advice what products will be sutable for your interior design, an information about the product characterisics, fabrics we have to offer, different options available with our service department, etc. 


The products we offer are made individually for each client with the sutable sizes  and materials approved by the client.

To produce the products correctly it's necessary to provide a production part with the right product size. Therefore, we offer measurement service for our clients. It's free and confortable.


An installation service is available for all products we sale. For some of the products the installation is obligatory, for some of them it's optional.

We would like to make our customers life the most confortable, that's why we provide the clients with all services they may need during our collaboration.

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