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Blinds and Curtains Vs Curfew

With sadness in our hearts, we all clearly see that we must all reap the benefits of the government's actions in the fight against the pandemic. The purpose of this article is not to criticize or support the actions of the government in this matter. Recently, unverified articles about planning another global pandemic for 2025 have caught my eye. Event 201 preceded the 2019 pandemic, and now a simulation of a new pandemic has appeared on the same site it named The SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028. Please see links below. We will not delve into discussions about new pandemics and the potential consequences of measures against virus for citizens.

Residents of Quebec remember well such a measure as Curfew provided by Mr. Legault as well as a ban on visiting guests.

For many, the Christmas and New Year holidays were ruined at the very last moment. Many citizens did not support the aggressive measures introduced, and for many they even seemed illegal. During this period, the sale of blinds and curtains increased so that everyone could hide their personal lives from curious neighbors with inflated self social responsibility.

Curtains and blinds keep your privacy private.
Annoying neighbors love to peep if you don't have Blinds or Curtains

NOT EVERYONE WAS READY FOR THIS! Stores were closed, delivery from other countries was practically stopped, production was closed. It was very difficult to order or buy protection for your privacy, such as curtains or blinds. Lead times for custom orders were too long.

Now the pandemic has receded and all restrictions have been cancelled across Canada. I express my personal particular hope that such pandemics are a thing of the past, but it is still better to foresee all possible scenarios. Anyway now is the best time to choose, order and install new beautiful blinds and curtains according to your dimensions and desires. Fall is the best time to get your home ready for the upcoming holidays. We invite everyone to visit our website and view our portfolio.

Beauty and Comfort in your home is our goal!

P.s.: What do you think of the article? Your comments and opinions about what has been written are very important to us.


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