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The Full Range of Customised


We provide customised products for Interior Design projects, Commercial and Private clients. Among our products we have Custom curtains, Dream curtains, Zebra, Roller and Shangri-la Blinds. 


Roller blinds

Customised Roller blinds is simple and Elegant decision for your home. Roller blinds have three different types: Sunscreen, Semi-blackout and Blackout. They are perfect for commercial perposes and for private interior designs.

Zebra blind

Customised Zebra blinds is another beautiful product for your home. Zebra blinds gives three options to its owner: open, closed and zebra opening (one transparent line, one not-transparent line). Zebra blinds have two fabric types: Semi-blackout and Blackout. This product is very popular for people who want to protect their life privacy a with light window decoration.

Zebra blind.jpg
Shangri-la photo 8.jpg

Shangri-la blinds

Shangri-la blind is beautiful and Elegant decision for the Interior design. Shangri-la blinds compose beauty of sheer curtains and fonctionality of zebra blinds. This product is perfect to decorate windows and safe space at the same time. Shangri-la blinds are perfect for big open spaces.

Ripple fold curtains

Ripple fold sheer curtains are perfect to create a delightful atmosphere in your home. They are so gorgeous and beautiful that your home will immidiately look expensive and cozy at the same time. This product could be a great decision for open spaces as well as for small rooms.

Fixed pleat.jpg

Fixed pleat curtains

Fixed pleat sheer and cloth curtains are perfect for old private homes and for hotels. They can used to decorate a living room or a bedroom. This product is espesially popular in small cozy hotels.


Dream curtains

Dream curtain or dream blind is a new product on the Canadian market. This product combine the beauty of a sheer curtain and a fonctionaly of a vertical blind. It's very prctical for big windows where you would like to close the light for some time during the day or the night.

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